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Frequently Asked Questions

Toutes les réponses à vos questions

  • What is REATIA
    REATIA is a unique software for the real estate sector, developed for professionals in the sector. It is a metasearch platform, where we index millions of property listings every day, creating a constantly updated property database.This search engine contains millions of properties available to the real estate professional or agency. REATIA indexes properties from real estate portals, real estate agencies, classifieds and banks. All this data is then processed, organized and made available to our users so that consultation is simple and easy. REATIA has several features specially designed to accelerate the business of real estate agents in their day-to-day.
  • Have a question?
    We have a team ready to help with your commercial queries. So that we can answer your question, please leave a message in the chat with your contact details, or send an email to
  • What are the advantages of using REATIA?
    In all industries, more knowledge means better results. In the real estate sector, access to quality information is an essential factor in providing the best customer service. With REATIA, you will have the most complete information on the market at your disposal. As a tool developed with professionals in mind, you will see an 80% reduction in the time spent on your research. You will have more time available, so you can invest in your client.
  • What services will I have access to?
    Using REATIA, you can access property listings from thousands of different sources (metasearch), deduplicated (without repetitions) active, removed, and each property listed contains specific information about it, such as typology, areas, rooms, descriptions, real estate agencies that promote that property and its price. You will also find analytical and statistical analysis of this property (or similar) in the parish, municipality, and district. You will have at your disposal the entire history of the activity on the property, such as: when it started to be promoted, when it was reserved, or even when it was sold. Tools such as Market Analytics, Property Valuation, Alerts, and Favorites are part of the usual features of a REATIA subscription.
  • How many licenses can I subscribe to?
    As many as you need according to the size of your agency or your business model strategy.You can contact the commercial team and request a quote, without any commitment, through the mail:
  • How does subscribing to the service work?
    Access to REATIA is via subscription (can be individual or company). Each professional has their own account, where they can obtain personalized information according to their preferences. There are 2 types of subscriptions: individual and company. In the individual subscription, the access é single, and The subscription is annual. The available payment methods are direct debit, bank transfer, or Credit Card according to the type of subscription.
  • I forgot my password, now what do I do?
    Go to the login page and use the signed option to retrieve your password, just below the password input field. Follow the system prompts to reset your password.
  • When trying to login to REATIA, I get the account information not validated.
    When a new account is created, an email is always sent to validate the account. Without this validation by the client, access will remain blocked. If you can't find the validation email, check your junk folder. If you don't have or find the email, go to to the Login page. There you will find the option to request the sending of a new validation email. Attention, when requesting a new validation email, you must use the new link sent, as it will cancel any previously sent.
  • Still having doubts about using it?
    Don't worry. REATIA provides a Help Center, where you can find explanations and step-by-step instructions for all the platform's tools. In this way, you can learn by seeing how to get the most out of REATIA. We also do, fortnightly, clarification Webinars. The Webinars are free and open to all active REATIA customers. To register, do it in the chat (after your login).
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