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Partnership between Reatia and BPI Expresso Imobiliário

The real estate sector has been significantly impacted by the digital revolution, driving the adoption of innovative and technological solutions. In this context, the partnership between Reatia and BPI Expresso Imobiliário stands out as a strategic collaboration aimed at providing clients with up-to-date and relevant information about the real estate market. While Reatia leads the real estate data industry in real-time data, the BPI Expresso Imobiliário portal boasts a 15-year history of innovation. Together, they are transforming how users access and utilize property valuations.

Real-Time Data Collection and Processing: Reatia emerged in the proptech landscape in 2019, offering a comprehensive set of solutions for real estate data collection and processing. With their expertise, the company has become a market leader, serving over 500 corporate clients and boasting a user base of 15,000. Their main services include MetaSearch, Analytics, and Property Valuation. Through MetaSearch, Reatia enables clients to find available properties across multiple real estate platforms, gathering essential information for decision-making. With Analytics, they provide valuable insights and market analysis. Additionally, Reatia's Property Valuation delivers accurate and updated estimates of property values.

The BPI Expresso Imobiliário Portal: Through a strategic partnership between Banco BPI and the Expresso newspaper, the BPI Expresso Imobiliário portal was established 15 years ago, showcasing its commitment to innovation in the real estate sector. The portal has become a trusted platform for real estate listings, offering an intuitive user experience and providing relevant information to buyers, sellers, and agents. Now, in a new phase of development, BPI Expresso Imobiliário has decided to further innovate by incorporating real-time property valuation features.

Real-Time Property Valuations: The partnership between Reatia and BPI Expresso Imobiliário will allow all portal visitors to access real-time property valuations. This integration provides a significant competitive advantage, making it a preferred destination for those seeking updated and reliable information about the real estate market. By utilizing Reatia's solutions, BPI Expresso Imobiliário will be able to provide its users with accurate estimates of property values, enabling buyers, sellers, and agents to make more informed and strategic decisions.

The partnership between Reatia and BPI Expresso Imobiliário represents a remarkable advancement in the real estate sector, bringing innovation and real-time data to the forefront. This collaboration empowers users with valuable insights and enhances their ability to navigate the real estate market efficiently. By leveraging Reatia's expertise and BPI Expresso Imobiliário's established platform, the partnership is poised to revolutionize how real estate information is accessed, analyzed, and utilized.

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